Complete Product Line-Up

With the addition of Contour and Pneu Powr brands we have broadened our line to cover virtually every customer's forming and cut-off requirements. MRF can support spare parts and service for all of these products as exclusive owner of the original engineering. MRF is also proud to offer new products under these designs and brand names.

Advanced Technology

MRF's patented products and proprietary technology give you many performance and production advantages available nowhere else.

Michigan Roll Form

MRF started as a roll form tooling company in 1952 by three employees of Tishken Products (owned by roll form pioneer Paul Tishken), one of the original roll form equipment companies in the world.   The company grew fast during the early days when the industry was still young and roll forming was fast replacing brake press and draw bench operations.   MRF expanded as it moved through four addresses in seven years as its product offerings now included complete production lines featuring roll formers, presses, as well as tooling and accessories largely for the automotive and appliance industries.

The latter half of the 60’s saw a rapid expansion into the building products field with the company supplying most of the major aluminum suppliers with roll form tooling and equipment.   The company also gained a solid foothold in the office equipment manufacturing area.   MRF also pioneered some remarkable tooling for the aircraft industry.   As the company grew and expanded, it moved to a new headquarters in a custom-designed building in the late sixties.

The sixties also saw the development of its line of patented cut-to-length-and-recoil product line, even today unequaled and unchallenged anywhere in the world.  In succeeding years the company’s line of rotary piercing tooling and equipment was greatly expanded with state-of-the-art, robust patented new tooling and equipment for metal punching.

A change of ownership and management occurred in 1986 and the rejuvenated company started servicing the vinyl siding industry and soon supplied near 100% of all cut-off equipment and a majority of the cut-off tooling.   As a result of MRF’s and others’ efforts the vinyl extrusion industry was able achieve a nearly 10 times increase in its line speeds to the current speeds of almost 300 feet per minute.   A new line of patented mechanically-accelerated series of cut-off presses and dies was also developed for the vinyl extrusion market.   Then came the development of equipment and associated tooling also for highly accurate pattern punching at rates of 350 strokes per minute or greater.   The company’s line of rotary piercing tooling and equipment was also greatly expanded with state-of-the-art, robust patented new tooling and equipment for PVC extrusion lines.

Present ownership (not management) came on board in 2000 and has expanded MRF through the acquisition of several competitors: Contour-CRC, Pneu-Powr, Pfeiffer Engineering, Pearson Roller Die Corp. and Tru-Tech.