Complete Product Line-Up

With the addition of Contour and Pneu Powr brands we have broadened our line to cover virtually every customer's forming and cut-off requirements. MRF can support spare parts and service for all of these products as exclusive owner of the original engineering. MRF is also proud to offer new products under these designs and brand names.

Advanced Technology

MRF's patented products and proprietary technology give you many performance and production advantages available nowhere else.

Die Tooling

Michigan Roll Form Inc.,

For Flying Cut-Off, Notching, Punching, etc.

Maximum Dependability

  • All die components are fully squared and machined to close tolerances.
  • Hardened and ground D-2 steel on all cutting surfaces and most components.
  • Aircraft grade alloy aluminum die shoes with bronze wear plate inserts.
  • Hardened steel gibs.
  • MRF dies feature minimum use of die springs, instead positive motion is commonly built into the die for better performance and added dependability.

Ease of Operation

  • Quick change setups available.
  • Dies tailored to your existing presses & rails.
  • Fully flared lead-in guides for ease of threading at high line speeds when applicable.

Lower Operating Costs

  • Complete automatic lubrication systems available.
  • Typical sharpening requires less set-up and metal removal, resulting in lower maintenance costs and extended die life.