Complete Product Line-Up

With the addition of Contour and Pneu Powr brands we have broadened our line to cover virtually every customer's forming and cut-off requirements. MRF can support spare parts and service for all of these products as exclusive owner of the original engineering. MRF is also proud to offer new products under these designs and brand names.

Advanced Technology

MRF's patented products and proprietary technology give you many performance and production advantages available nowhere else.

Coil Stock Recoiling Lines

Michigan Roll Form Inc.,

Complete lines made to process master coils to fully completed smaller coils. Used extensively for production of Trim Coil, Valley Coil, Handy Man Coil and Gutter/Seamless Siding Coil. Complete lines require both a MRF Pay-Off Reel and Recoiler.

Maximum Speed

  • Up to 500 fpm line speed operation.
  • Up to 2000 coils per 8 hr shift, (depending on coil size).

MRF’s Hi-Speed Pay-Off Reel

  • Accelerates to full recoil speed in seconds.
  • Coil widths from 12 – 60 inch standard.
  • Hydraulic or manually expanded mandrels.
  • Standard capacities from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds.
  • Up to 600fpm payoff speed for self-regulating powered pay-off reels.

Fully Automatic Recoiler

  • Typical Trim Coil Recoiler Systems produce one finished 50 foot coil in approximately 17-22 seconds (800-1200 coils per 8 hour shift).