Complete Product Line-Up

With the addition of Contour and Pneu Powr brands we have broadened our line to cover virtually every customer's forming and cut-off requirements. MRF can support spare parts and service for all of these products as exclusive owner of the original engineering. MRF is also proud to offer new products under these designs and brand names.

Advanced Technology

MRF's patented products and proprietary technology give you many performance and production advantages available nowhere else.


History of Tru-Tech Tool & Machine Corp.

The company began operations as Tru-Form Tool & Machine,  a two man tool and die shop, October of 1980 in approximately a 1500 square foot building in Fruitport, Michigan. It quickly ran out of floor space and the company moved to a 3000 square foot facility in Ferrysburg, MI in the fall of 1981. Due to the continued growth,  the company put an addition on to the building in the summer of the following year.  During that same time frame, the company incorporated and changed its name to Tru-Cut Tool & Machine Corp. and began building roll form machines as well as tool & die, production machining and production grinding.  With continued growth and needing more space to build roll form machines, the company built a new 6000 square foot facility in 1985 in the Norton Shores Industrial Park in Muskegon, MI.  In the spring of 1988, it was decided to phase out the production machining and concentrate more towards the roll forming side of the business. The decision turned out to be the correct thing to do as the company started to grow again as sales quadrupled in the first two years which demanded our first addition to accommodate the growth.  By 1990, Tru-Cut Tool & Machine Corp. became known as one of the new roll form companies that could supply turn key systems and again in the early 1990’s, the second addition was put on to handle the growth and to be more efficient. The company changed its name once again and trademarked  Tru-Tech Tool & Machine Corp. By the mid nineties, the company became known as one of the premier roll form tooling and turnkey systems suppliers.

It was in the late 1990’s that one of Tru-Tech’s customers requested that we quote production roll forming for them which became a reality. This new venture turned into a 57,000 square foot facility strictly running production for several customers. Tru-Tech Tool & Machine Corp targeted the office furniture, consumer products, heating & cooling and the appliance industries.